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Plastic products not onlyprovide convenience for people ' s lives, but also bringgreat burden to the environment.

Starting from July 2021, Europe has banned the use of oxidative degradable plastics, which can cause microplastic polution after cracking, in accordance with the Directive on Reducing the Environmental Impact of certain plastic products (Direc-tive 2019/904) .

Starting from August l, 2023, restaurants, retail stores, and public institutions in Taiwan are prohibited from usingtableware made of polylactic acid (PLA) , including plates, bento containers, and Cups. The degradation mode of compost has been increasing1y rejected by more and more countries and regions. 

Our bio-degradable Pp non -woven fabrics achieve true ecologicaldegradation. In various waste environments such as landfi marine, freshwater, sludge anaero-bic, high solid anaerobic, and outdoor natural environments, it can be complete-y ecologically degraded within 2years without toxins or microplastic residues.


Physical properties are consistent with normal PP nonwoven .

Shelf life remains the same and can be guaranteed.

When the usage cycle ends, it can enter the conventional recycling system for multi-ple recycling or recycling meeting the requirements ofgreen , low-carbon , and circu-lar development


Intertek certificate


Test standard 

ISO 15985 

ASTM D5511 


ASTM D6691

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