Accurately build a strong brand in the industry

Under the development trend of the times, the pace of technological iteration is accelerating. In the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Junfu Technology Purification Medlon relies on the brand heritage to renew its strength. On the China Brand Day held in May this year, with stable product performance and efficient R&D team, after 21 years of continuous innovation and development, the new brand image was unveiled in the Shandong exhibition area.

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Leading hard power, high expectations for a new image

In 2021, Junfu Technology Purification Medlon will step into the trend of the times with a new image. Actively responding to the “carbon neutral” energy management strategy, the non-woven material production lines with international leading technical level imported from Europe and the United States are all high-efficiency and low-consumption production equipment. Focus on the production of meltblown cloth to achieve carbon neutrality, and actively realize the brand environmental protection industry structure in the process of helping to achieve “double carbon”.

Accurate prevention and control capabilities, and assume the responsibility of large enterprises

In the face of the sudden epidemic in 2020, Junfu Technology Purification Medron responded quickly. Actively respond to changes in the epidemic to ensure the supply of front-line mask filter materials in Hubei. The company urgently carried out technical transformation and conversion of the production line of the HEPA high-efficiency filter material project. Relying on advanced equipment, the supply shortage of N95 masks for front-line medical staff has been greatly alleviated.

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During the epidemic, as a leading enterprise in the industry, all employees worked overtime to work overtime, and at the same time developed the “Changxiang” medical N95 mask material, which has greatly improved in terms of virus protection and wearing comfort. Workers in hard-hit areas are a good choice. The general manager of the company said that due to the early launch of the new product, the market share of this product is now very high, and the products are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe, and the export volume is large. “

Focus on innovation and empower the field of purification

Junfu Technology Purification·Mederon, focusing on R&D and production of high-end meltblown cloth materials. After years of intensive cultivation, at the first moment of the outbreak, with rich industry production experience, we adjusted market strategies, integrated existing resources, and provided a firm supply guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

Benefiting from long-term investment, Junfu Technology Purification Medlong has continuously reformed and innovated to develop new technologies, new processes and new products. The company’s brand “Mederon” filter material has been tested in the fight against the epidemic with its excellent quality, and has been recognized by the industry for its excellent performance indicators.

The independent patent technology – liquid microporous filter material reflects the breakthrough in Medlon technology. By increasing the porosity of the fibers in the produced filter material, the filtration flux and the dirt holding capacity are improved, thereby improving the filtration precision and enhancing the life of the filter.

Build brand power and create a new benchmark for the industry

On July 22, 2021, Junfu Technology Purification·Mederon will be invited to participate in the 19th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition 2021 Asia Nonwovens Exhibition. In the future, Medron will continue to step up its pace, give full play to its advantages, take on the responsibility of a large enterprise, and be a leader in the development of the industry.

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Combined with the current overall trend, the high-tech protective meltblown cloth technology will still face huge challenges in the decarbonization of the manufacturing process. In order to maximize the release of brand value, help more customers complete brand endorsement, and achieve a jump in the overall industrial layout, Junfu Purification·Metro will focus more on developing innovative purification solutions. Adhering to the values of innovation and wisdom, loyalty and dedication, and sharing and win-win, we will establish a higher-standard industry image in the new era.

Post time: Jun-16-2021