Good news! Shandong Junfu Nonwoven Company won the Advanced Collective Award for Overcoming Difficulties in Shandong Province

A few days ago, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government of the Communist Party of China announced the selection and commendation list of the “Overcoming Difficulties Award” and “Dare to Innovate Award”, and awarded 51 units to the advanced collectives of the “Overcoming Difficulties Award”. Dongying Junfu Company is on the list! The Advanced Collective Award for Overcoming Difficulties is mainly to commend the high political position and strong awareness of the overall situation. In implementing the “Eight Development Strategies”, promoting the “Nine Reform Actions” and cultivating the “Top Ten” modern advantageous industrial clusters, it dares to bite “hard bones”. “, the collective that dared to go to the “mine array” and achieved remarkable results.

Good news

Looking back on 2020, in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, Junfu Purification Co., Ltd., as the country’s largest meltblown cloth manufacturer and the country’s largest supplier of medical mask materials, quickly switched production and integrated into the national epidemic prevention and control emergency system. All meltblown cloths produced Accept country transfers. All employees gave up the Spring Festival holiday, worked overtime and worked at full capacity. According to the needs of the country, we immediately organized reconstruction and expansion, and quickly increased the production capacity of medical protective N95 mask materials from 1 ton/day to 5 tons/day, and supplied a total of 500 tons of meltblown cloth to the first line in Hubei. , has successfully completed the various allocation tasks assigned by the state and Shandong Province. He was named and praised by Liu He, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, at the National Conference on Prevention and Control Materials Guarantee.


When the epidemic was the most intense, we learned that the masks worn by front-line doctors in Hubei had problems with breathing difficulties and condensation on the goggles. The company quickly convened technical R&D personnel to develop new materials and improve comfort. With years of technical advantages With the persistent spirit of overcoming difficulties, the company has successfully developed the melt-blown material for high-efficiency and low-resistance medical protective masks of Changxiang, and put it into the N95 mask enterprise designated by the National Development and Reform Commission in early March. The product resistance is reduced by 50%, and the efficiency is increased by 10 times. It is smoother and greatly improves the wearing comfort of front-line medical staff, which has been widely praised. This innovative product of the company won the silver award in the “Governor’s Cup” industrial design competition, was shortlisted in the national excellent industrial design competition, and won the winning prize in the new material field of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, realizing the upgrading of mask materials. Leading the market trend. Junfu Purification Company has an efficient combat team that is brave and responsible. We will continue to maintain the persistent spirit of overcoming difficulties, develop higher-end, more comfortable and more user-friendly high-quality products, fulfill our corporate responsibility, move forward bravely, and live up to our mission!

Post time: Jan-28-2021