Medlong Jofo obtains the invention patent of static nonwoven Material

In recent years, static nonwoven materials have become more and more widely used, which are usually made of PP staple fibers under the processing of carding, needle punching and electrostatic charging. Static nonwoven material has the advantages of high electric charge and high dust holding capacity, but there are still problems such as unstable quality of raw material staple fibers, high cost, unsatisfactory filtration efficiency, and rapid decay of electrostatic charge.

Medlong Jofo has over-20-year technical experience in the research, development, and production of non-woven materials, and has accumulated long-term experience in various non-woven processes. In order to solve the existing problems of static nonwoven material, we have designed a new production process and formula. With our self-developed modified tourmaline powder and high-performance electret masterbatch, we have successfully obtained an improved static nonwoven materials with lower resistance, higher filtration efficiency, higher bulkiness, better dust holding effect, and longer service life, to better solving the existing technical problems. This new static nonwoven material has obtained the national invention patent authorization on September 9, 2022.
Medlong-Jofo’s patented static nonwoven material is mainly used in medical protective masks, primary- and medium-efficiency air filtration materials, and other fields, with the following advantages:

  • Under GB/T 14295 method, the filtration efficiency can be over 60% with the pressure drop at 2pa, which is 50% lower than the pressure drop of the traditional PP staple fiber material by carding process.
  • The air permeability reaches 6000-8000mm/s under the test of 20cm2 testing area and 100Pa pressure differential by the air permeability tester.
  • Good bulkiness. the thickness of material of 25-40g/m2 can reach 0.5-0.8mm, and the loading dust-holding effect is better.
  • The tear strength in MD is 40N/5cm or more, and the tear strength in CD can be over 30N/5cm. The mechanical strength is high.
  • The filtration efficiency can maintain at more than 60% after 60 days kept under temperature of 45°C and humidity of 90%, which means the material is of low efficiency decay rate, strong electrostatic adsorption capacity, long-lasting electrostatic charge and good durability.
  • Stable quality, higher performance, and lower cost.
  • Medlong Jofo focuses on the research, development and innovation of filtration technology, and takes serving customers and creating value for customers as its own responsibility. 

Post time: Nov-29-2022