Revisiting Huang Wensheng, general manager of Shandong Junfu Purification: “The main products have completely changed compared to a year ago!

“Come on! Come on!” Recently, Shandong Junfu Nonwoven Co., Ltd. is holding the annual “New Year’s Tug-of-War Competition”.

“Tug-of-war naturally cannot rely on brute force alone. The test is teamwork.” After nearly a year, he revisited Huang Wensheng, the general manager of the company, to find out where the “confidence” of the Junfu team came from.

“The specifications are very high, I didn’t expect to get this award!” Recently, Shandong Province announced the “Overcoming Difficulties Award”, and Shandong Junfu Nonwoven Co., Ltd. . Huang Wensheng couldn’t hide his joy in the province’s affirmation of the rich and handsome.

“What do you think of this award, and what difficulties did Junfu Company overcome?”

“We think the biggest thing we will do in 2020 is to ensure the supply of front-line masks and filter materials in Hubei in the early stage of the epidemic, especially the N95 melt-blown filter materials. The data given to me by the relevant departments is that Hubei front-line needs 1.6 million N95 masks every day. It means that we need to supply 5 tons of N95 meltblown filter material every day under the premise of ensuring quality. After receiving the instruction, the company urgently carried out technical transformation on the production line of the HEPA high-efficiency filter material project and converted it to N95 mask material required for epidemic prevention, with a daily production capacity of 1 ton. It has increased to 5 tons, and actively cooperated with the scheduling of the National Development and Reform Commission, which has greatly alleviated the shortage of N95 masks for front-line medical staff. After the most urgent problem passed, in March and April last year, the company made efforts to ensure the resumption of work and production in Shandong Province. My own contribution. At that time, the daily demand for masks in the province was 15 million, and we were able to provide meltblown filter materials for 13 million masks.

 Revisiting Huang Wensheng (1)

Figure | Company production workshop

As a leading enterprise in the production of melt-blown mask filter materials with one-tenth of the domestic production capacity, Junfu Company completed the production guarantee task of epidemic prevention and control emergency materials assigned by the National Development and Reform Commission at the end of May 2020, and began to enter the market operation in June. “From June to August, through technological transformation and production line expansion, the production capacity of meltblown filter materials for masks has been increased. The daily output of meltblown cloth has increased from 15 tons to 30 tons, which can be used for the production of 30 million masks, which can protect the province’s first-line medical staff. The daily consumption of personnel. Since the stable period of the epidemic, the company has been in intensive and orderly production, and it has overcome the difficulties of product development. One of the biggest changes in product types is that the company’s flagship products have Completely changed!”

Huang Wensheng introduced that in June last year, the company’s export business also began to recover, and orders from the United States and European countries, which are key areas of the global epidemic, continued to flow. “The N95, N99, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 materials required in these countries are high-end medical protective mask melt-blown filter materials, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc. requiring citizens to wear FFP2 masks, so the demand for filter materials for such masks is very large. , the ordinary electrostatic electret meltblown line cannot be made, and it is necessary to add a post-processing process, that is, the ‘deep electrostatic electret process’. The inhalation resistance of the mask made of the material is 50% lower than that of conventional products, and the breathing is smoother, which greatly improves the wearing comfort of front-line doctors. Junfu’s deep electrostatic electret material was introduced to the market in March 2020, and after half a year of promotion , and realized the upgrading of domestic FFP2 and N95 materials. “We originally planned to complete the upgrading of new technology and new products in three years, but due to the special reason of the epidemic, it took less than half a year to complete the product upgrade. Due to the early launch of the new product, the market share of this product is very high now, and the product is exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe, etc., with a large export volume and relatively high price. ”

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Figure | Company production workshop

It is not easy. A year ago, the high-quality meltblown cloth that was in short supply in the market was urgently exported to Hubei;

It’s not easy. One year later, the company’s flagship product has been upgraded!

The epidemic has shown us that companies must not only insist on making progress while maintaining stability, but also be good at keeping upright and innovating to enhance their development potential. Within a year, the consequences of market speculation in the meltblown industry were fulfilled. General Manager Huang Wensheng revealed that in the early stage of the epidemic, the entire mask industry chain was at the forefront, with various capitals pouring in and prices skyrocketing, disrupting the normal market order. Before the epidemic last year, the meltblown cloth was 20,000 yuan/ton, and it rose to 700,000 yuan/ton in April and May; the price of a fully automatic mask line before the epidemic was about 200,000 yuan, and it rose to 1.2 million yuan during the epidemic; meltblown When the cloth production line was the most expensive, it was more than 10 million yuan per piece. In the second half of the year, due to the increase in market supply, regulatory price control, and the return of the price of related products such as meltblown cloth to the normal state before the epidemic, many new influxes of companies quickly disappeared, facing the dilemma of no orders and no sales. He proposed that doing business requires careful investment, good at summarizing and judging the market pattern, and calculating “long-term accounts”. “The current national emphasis on epidemic prevention material reserves, production capacity reserves, and technical reserves are very necessary. If people all over the country wear masks of N95 or higher level, where will the rationing capacity come from? It is necessary to plan ahead. Deep electrostatic electret technology It has been in the hands of 3M and other foreign companies before, and it has only started research and development in China in the past five years. However, the product quality is unstable, the output is low, and the end customers are not very recognized. The so-called “sales generation, research and development generation, reserve generation”, these In 2009, Junfu Company benefited from long-term investment, continuously reformed and innovated, and developed new technologies, new processes and new products. The company’s brand ‘MELTBLOWN’ (MELTBLOWN) filter material has been tested in the fight against the epidemic with its excellent quality. It has been recognized by the industry for its excellent performance indicators.” In August 2020, Junfu’s new product “Changxiang Meltblown Material” won the Silver Award in the Shandong Governor’s Cup Industrial Design Competition and was shortlisted for the National Innovation Award.

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Figure | Project Aerial View

At the same time as the launch of the new product, Junfu’s major project in Shandong Province, the liquid microporous filter material project with an annual output of 15,000 tons, was also completed and put into production on February 6. “Liquid microporous filtration materials are widely used in drinking water filtration, food filtration, chemical filtration, electronics industry, medical and health care and other fields. The technical threshold of the project products is high, the replication is difficult, and the market competitiveness is strong. After production, it will break the microporous liquid technology. It has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. Another good aspect is that the production equipment of this project can be converted into meltblown mask materials, protective clothing, isolation gowns and high-end medical protective materials at any time through technological transformation. In the event of an emergency such as a leak, it can help ensure the supply of strategic materials urgently needed by the country.”

Since January this year, the epidemic has rebounded in various places, and the supply of various non-woven fabrics including meltblown cloth has been somewhat tight. In this regard, Huang Wensheng analyzed: “At present, the capacity utilization rate of meltblown lines in the industry is only 50%, and the capacity utilization rate of mask lines is as low as 30%. Although meltblown prices have risen recently, from a national perspective, The production capacity of meltblown cloth and masks is still in excess. It is expected that even if the epidemic situation rebounds again, there will be no shortage of domestic mask supply. At present, the epidemic situation abroad is still severe, and foreign orders are relatively urgent. We will produce normally during the Spring Festival. This year There is still no holiday for the Spring Festival!”

——Where does the “confidence” come from? The “confidence” comes from overcoming difficulties, from pioneering and innovation, and from responsibility!

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